four coworkers meeting at a conference table, each is sitting in a bright green QiVi chair.

Is your office conference room a place you enjoy meeting clients, or are you reluctant to bring them in, opting to meet them at their office or a coffeeshop, instead?


You know what bad conferences rooms are like: too many chairs crowded in at the table, seating adjusted for someone much taller or shorter than you, stiffness after three-hour long meetings …


It’s hard to think that you can be productive in a setting like this, yet so many of us ignore our physiological needs.

When collaborating, people need to move around. They shift positions in-place or pull chairs from one spot in the room to another. This has to be easy or people just won’t bother. Cumbersome or heavy chairs won’t be pulled into a room for extra seating. People will choose to stand instead of sit. If their chair prevents body movement, they’ll focus on their more immediate restlessness, withdrawing from the idea flow and connections with colleagues.


Do any of these scenes sound familiar? Fortunately, Hyperspace is aware of these bugs and has solutions for your team. We’ve compiled a list of the best features for conference room seating and three levels of chairs for you to choose to meet your office’s needs.


Meeting Seating: Features of Great Design


People do more than sit at meetings, they interact. The best conference chairs allow you to interact with your colleagues, intuitively sensing your posture and adapting automatically so that you remain focused. When attendees need to focus, they deserve to be at ease for long periods of time.


When researching conference room seating, pay attention to these features to select an appropriate design that will help bring out the best in your team.

  • Encourages movement – Makes seamless adjustments.
  • Versatility – Fits all bodies. Supports multiple postures.
  • Flexibility – Fits naturally with your conference table. Easy to rearrange.


You’ll find all of these features and more in every chair that Hyperspace supplies. Read through our top three recommendations to find one that fits your needs.


Protégé Meeting Chairs

green conference room chair with sled base

Protégé seating fits nicely into your smaller spaces and budgets.

  •  Supportive
  •  Contoured for comfort
  •  Multi-use chair with swivel base or sled base


Reply Conference Seating

Meet in comfort. The Reply allows for features in conferences rooms you may have never considered. Do your meeting room chairs keep room temperatures stable when attendance is high?

Front view of Reply chair


  • Airy mesh back to maintain personal body temperature.
  • Supportive design, with a soft feel to the hand.
  • Sled base or stackable designs for space-saving conference rooms


Qivi Conference Room Seating

The Qivi conference room chair features a fresh palette of textile colors, to coordinate your organization’s branding. Visitors will enjoy the comfort of a pivoting backrest and gliding seat to move with their bodies. Concentrate on your clients’ ideas when your chair automatically and intuitively adjusts to any posture that you assume. Shake out the kinks of a lengthy presentation by silently shifting in your seat, and getting responsive support in return.

Qivi chair in wasabi green

The Qivi chair is an innovative design, winning over dozens of global design experts:

  • Spark Design Award – better living through better design.
  • German IF Design Award
  • German Red Dot Award
  • Japan Good Design Award
  • North America Good Design Award – acknowledges the world’s most prestigious design firms


Contact Hyperspace to find your just-right conference room solution.

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