Schools and universities are embracing the collaborative workspace movement and diving headfirst into modern lounge furniture for their lobbies, walkways and other common areas. At Hyperspace LLC, we know lounge furniture. You could even say we are lounge furniture experts, and our team of product knowledge experts has spoken. Here are our top four popular lounge furniture pieces for schools, universities and more!

Jenny Round Low by Turnstone


The Jenny Round chair from Turnstone is a versatile seating option perfect for any school or university. The Jenny line is all about freedom and self-expression, as evidenced by the multiple color and fabric options available. Its sleek and timeless lines and durable construction ensure that any Jenny Round chair purchased will stand the test of time.

Now available with an optional tablet arm, the Jenny Round is ideal for both individual work and group collaboration. Additionally, it is available with two casters and two legs for quick and easy configuration, which will allow students or guests to shift the seating to better accommodate their immediate needs at a moment’s notice.

Campfire Paper Table by Turnstone

Drawing on Campfire Paper Table

The Campfire Paper Table from Turnstone provides the ultimate centerpiece for collaboration. Just as crowds gather around a campfire on a cold winter’s night, students will gather around the Campfire Paper Table to exchange ideas and insights.

Topped with a seemingly endless stack of paper and featuring a spinning top, the Campfire Paper Table is the optimal collaboration tool for any student project. Also available with a reusable glass top, students are able to jot down ideas quickly and easily.

Ripple Bench by Coalesse

Coalesse Ripple Bench with Tables

The Ripple Bench from Coalesse is an immaculately sculpted lounge furniture piece that is available in single and triple seat benches. Fully upholstered, the Ripple Bench is able to function in two orientations – vertical, or flat, seating and wavy, or horizontal, seating. In addition, it features height adjustable leveling glides and a stainless steel finish to ensure your lobby or lounge space is both polished and comfortable.

You can also opt for contrasting textiles to further engage your students, visitors and guests. Better still, the Ripple Bench is as soft as it is eye-catching making it a safe, kid-friendly seating option for schools with younger students.

Open by Allermuir

Open by Allemuir Seating

Allemuir’s Open line features contemporary lines and neutral colors, and our favorite piece, the Open lounge chair, features molded seats and bull nosed edge cushions to provide superior comfort without taking up too much space.

Designed by PearsonLloyd, the Open lounge chair is also available with or without the headrest allowing you to mix up your seating options to create additional visual interest and appeal.

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