At first glance, the idea of telecommuting can seem like a questionable practice. How many people are really going to get any work done at home, with all the many distractions that exist? Yet, in spite of this apparent pitfall, more and more companies are sending employees home to do their work. Telecommuting benefits are substantial in some industries, and smart companies are taking advantage of this. Here are 4 telecommuting benefits that you may have been unaware of:

Increased productivity
This may be counter-intuitive, but many businesses find that employees are actually more productive when working from home. Even with the distractions that home can present, workers are often able to focus better at home than in a noisy office. They can also work on projects uninterrupted, which is difficult to do in many on-site workplaces. The increased productivity may also stem from the psychological benefits of autonomy – employees feel like they are trusted when telecommuting, increasing their investment in the task at hand.

Increased efficiency
With the teleconferencing options available today, from instant online conference calling to office designs that take advantage of current technologies, it is often easier to improve the timing of business. There is less need to schedule time-consuming meetings in person, in office, as people can communicate instantly using online options. More can get done, and get done correctly, thanks to this change in mindset and the tech that goes with it.

Lower stress
Heading into the office everyday can cause a substantial amount of stress for many employees. They must wake up early – often exceedingly early, depending on the commute. They have to get ready, make their way into the office, sit at a desk and try to accomplish something. They also have to worry about what they will eat for lunch. To pack a lunch or to go out? Then, when the work is finally done, they have to make their way back home through traffic. Telecommuting eliminates all of this.

No commute
For many workers, the commute is one of the worst parts of the day. Twice a day, they have to make their way through the throng to even start work. Depending on where they live, this may add an extra hour or two to the workday. Imagine how much could be accomplished – in work or personal time – with two extra hours a day.

The benefits of telecommuting are drawing more and more companies to untether their employees and embrace the remote worker. It may not work for every industry, but for many, it is an option that makes sense – for so many reasons. Hyperspace is dedicated to providing companies with several options for floor plans, desks and seating for employees who telecommute.

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