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Create privacy with walls and work walls that provide architectural frameworks to build out offices for business, healthcare,and education. Here we take a look at a few of the most popular walls options.

Post and Beam Wall

Post & Beam

Post and Beam, by Steelcase, lets organizations define distinct areas within large spaces, creating varying degrees of boundary to support teams. Options are virtually limitless with shelves, screens, integrated modular power system and a host of other worktools that attach anywhere along the structure.

Post and Beam supports technology and open sightlines with a clean and uncluttered aesthetic, while Premium Whiteboard Infill and easy-to-access power support both analog and digital tools, making collaboration simple. Compatible with Duo storage and available with fabric in-fill, Post and Beam creates and defines spaces while providing a desired feeling of personal, shielded space, offering workers the materials they need, on-site and within reach.

Steelcase Glass Selections

Glass Selections

Steelcase offers a comprehensive portfolio of glass front solutions that provide multiple benefits over comparable traditional construction. Privacy Wall, Glass Selections and V.I.A. infuse interior spaces with natural light, while offering the consistent quality, craftsmanship and reliability.

Glass fronts built from Steelcase Architectural Walls can be designed, specified and installed in an endless variety of environments, with finishes to satisfy both design and budget. Thes wall solutions can be less expensive than comparable conventional construction and take less time to install, meaning less disruption for your company and business.

Steelcase V.I.A. Walls


V.I.A. is Vertical Intelligent Architecture that not only defines space, but redefines the role vertical real estate plays in today’s workplace. V.I.A., by Steelcase, elegantly hosts technology to create portals between physical and virtual worlds. Providing true acoustical privacy for collaborative teams, as well as for workers in adjacent work spaces.

V.I.A. provides surface flexibility, allowing you to express your brand or change the experience of a space by changing out skins and materials without tearing down the wall. This surface flexibility also enables V.I.A. to accommodate advancing technologies as they continue to evolve.

Casper Privacy Film

Casper Film, developed by Steelcase subsidiary Designtex, is an invisible film that can be applied to any window, and it blocks out the light coming from any LED and LCD screens on the other side of that covered glass. The Modern Workplace has a cultural problem. Open-concept meeting rooms are often enclosed in glass walls, making it difficult to hold private meetings. With Casper Privacy Film, businesses can adhere to the transparency of an open office while still keeping information concealed if necessary.

Casper Film comes in two layers. It is available in 15 loosely arranged geometric prints, covers the exterior side of the glass. A “cloaking” film coats the interior.

Post and Beam Steelcase Walls

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