How Basyx by HON Furniture Can Meet the Tightest of Budgets

Let’s face it… outfitting an entire office space can get really expensive. You may think that you cannot achieve a modern looking office if you don’t have an high-end budget. Fortunately, HON offers affordable, yet modern office furniture. Here are a few “Basyx” pieces and accessories that you can incorporate within your office or facility.

Desktop Riser with Keyboard Tray

Basyx by HON Desktop Riser

Don’t have the budget for an entire sit-stand workstation? This is a great solution to implement them with your current desk. Easily adjust the height with a smooth, manual dual lever adjustment mechanism. The desk riser is available in tan or black, and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Wobble Boards & Footrests

Basyx by HON Wobble Board

Looking to stay active during your workday? Incorporating a wobble board with an anti-fatigue mat can help you improve your balance, all while crunching out that report that your boss sprung on you at the last minute. The rectangular shape of this one allows you to reduce fatigue by rocking in any direction you want.

If you’re just in need of a basic footrest, basyx by HON can help you with that, too. Having one at your workstation can help you improve your ergonomics overall, especially for employees whose feet don’t touch the floor.

Fixed Base Table

Basyx by HON Base Table

If you’re currently laying out your office for growth, adding a fixed base table to certain areas of your office is a good idea. You can use these in collaborative areas, such as places where you have brainstorm sessions or small breakout meetings. If you need tables that can be used in multiple places for multiple functions, then a base table is a great starting item to include when finding furniture for your office.

Coffee Table

Basyx by HON Coffee Table

A coffee table is a great addition to any reception area or lobby. Laminate coffee tables from basyx by HON are scratch-, spill-, and stain-resistant, yet are easy to care for. This makes them ideal for offices with significant traffic in their reception areas or lobbies.

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