As a leader in your office, you might be looking for some tips to retain your best employees and increase productivity. Russel L. HonorĂ©, a retired Lieutenant General for the U.S. Army, once said, “Leadership is working with goals and vision; management is working with objectives.” Set goals for your team and a vision for your department by using the tips below.

Try to meet with staff once a week

Staff Meeting

If you are a manager, it’s important to know what your employees have on their plate and how you can help them if they are behind. You will be able to gauge your staff satisfaction with their job, and might be able to help them with an issue their facing. This also brings an opportunity to address goals for that employee during the week, and discuss challenges that they might have.

Recognize Employees When They Exceed Your Expectations

Recognize Employees

Companies that use strategic recognition are 48 percent more likely to have highly engaged employees. When an employee does an exceptional job on a project or favor, feel free to express your gratitude for their work. Some companies are now setting aside time during staff meetings to recognize an employee every week for his or her hard work and commitment.

Be Flexible


Everyone has his or her own way of getting the job done. Some of your employees may prefer to collaborate on projects, while others will want to be left alone to do their portion. Each of your employees has different challenges they face and will look up to you to answer their questions. While one of your staff members may be creative and a great writer, another one might be better at analyzing numbers and data. Use each employee’s best skills to build a foundation for your team.

Be A Good Communicator


A recent study shows that 86 percent of employees and executives cite a lack of communication as a cause for workplace failures. As a leader in your workplace, communication skills are vital. Praise your employees for a job well done, but be specific when giving instruction. Giving detailed instructions through writing and verbal methods will allow your employee to absorb information easier.

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