Why All Healthcare Facilities Should Have Furniture With Anti-Microbial Fabrics

Healthcare facilities have a higher standard for their work spaces than most other businesses and organizations. Facilities must be kept in pristine condition to both safeguard patient health and keep patients, as well as loved ones, at-ease and comfortable throughout their stay. Furthermore, healthcare professionals need healthcare furniture that works with them as they go about their very important work. It is for these reasons and more that we recommend choosing healthcare furniture with anti-microbial fabrics. There are many benefits of using anti-microbial fabrics in healthcare facilities, including the following and more:

Easier to Clean

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Because anti-microbial fabrics are designed to be resistant to the growth of bacteria, they are often easier to clean than standard fabrics. In medical facilities, easy to clean fabrics can save healthcare operations valuable time and money. While cleaning recommendations will differ based on the type of anti-microbial fabric used, these types of fabrics typically require fewer chemical cleaners to achieve a clean state. Be sure to speak to your healthcare furniture supplier about how to best clean your fabrics to ensure your pieces stay well-preserved and can be used for years to come.

Better Durability

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Since anti-microbial fabrics require fewer chemicals to clean them and are constructed with durable materials, they tend to be more durable than healthcare furniture that is made from other fabrics. This helps facilities keep costs down further, since furniture will have to be replaced less often.

Less Prone to Odor & Bacteria Growth

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Fabrics that are anti-microbial have been treated in such a way as to reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria. As these bacteria grow, they produce foul-smelling scents that can easily overpower a room. By choosing anti-microbial fabrics for your healthcare furniture, you can keep your facility smelling fresh; while keeping dangerous bacteria at bay.

These days, anti-microbial healthcare furniture can be found at nearly any office furniture supplier, but before you make a purchase, be sure you are working with an experienced supplier who has access to the many options available. At Hyperspace LLC, we have built lasting relationships with the world’s leading healthcare furniture manufacturers and can provide everything from lobby benches and reception furniture to patient furniture, whiteboards, and more. Better still, we have the design experience to make the best recommendations to meet the demands of your unique facility, while still keeping exceptional design in mind. Contact us today to discuss your space and let our experts help you choose the anti-microbial healthcare furniture to best suit your space.

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