Whether you are supporting the ever-changing needs of today’s workforce or your are looking to mix it up for an eclectic look, Steelcase Bivi can help set the tone in your office. If you are trying to figure out the right desk height and color combo for your space, read more about How to Choose the Right Bivi Workstation. Below, we take a look at popular styles and the most used Bivi products to keep in mind as you shop.

Steelcase Bivi Style Breakdown

Sit, Stand or Both

SIT: Working in traditional seated posture is a classic way to attack the day.

STAND: Stand up to really get down to work, or gather the team around for impromptu meetings.

BOTH: Built-in modularity, Bivi grows with you, making it easy to add tables or rearrange your collaborative space in minutes.


Freestanding Rumble Seat makes it easy to create relaxed spaces perfect for solo work or collaboration.


The Freestanding Trunk brings a warm, residential vibe to any space. Use it for extra storage space and as a media console.

Power Up

Bivi’s built-in power and plug-and-play options keep you fully charged all day long. Modern cord management keeps surfaces tidy, so you can stay focused.


The true beauty and value of the Bivi is the simple ability to create what you need for the space you have now and in the future. Bivi Accessories allow for effortless design, modern style, and big personality in today’s workplace.

1. Bike Hook, 2. Canopy, 3. Bivi Holder, 4. Board Rack, 5. Monitor Mount, 6. Screen, 7. Privacy, 8. Top Shelf, 9. Floating Side Storage, 10. Bottom Shelf, 11. Marker Board, 12. Arch, 13. Trunk

Ready to revamp your office? Learn more with the latest Steelcase Bivi Brochure.

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