Media: Scape by Steelcase connects people whether they’re in the same room or the other side of the world with intuitive and user-centered technology.

Highlighted Features:

Video Conferencing Technology

  • Brings people, space, and information together to enhance collaboration
  • Superb content sharing with close attention paid to sightlines and camera angles

Connects with pre-existing IT Systems

  • The user-friendly system connects seamlessly with IT systems with no complications

Share Content Wireless with Virtual PUCK

  • Meeting participants can share content wirelessly from a laptop
  • The app enables information-sharing from any participant with the click of an icon or touch of a physical puck

Made with up to 45 percent recycled content


Corporate Workplaces

  • Workspaces must remove all physical and technological barriers to allow active collaboration
  • Media: Scape technology allows digital and analog freedom for employees

Corporate Workplaces

Educational Areas

  • Sharing between peers and integration of technology are key in keeping students active in the changing classroom environment

Educational Areas

Healthcare Facilities

  • Patients take a more active role in their health, thus, sharing between patient and doctor is increasing
  • Technology is advancing and should be integrated into exam rooms

Mediascape Medical

Different Layouts:

Layout 1

This layout features two enclosed spaces, each offering a desk area with mobile task chairs and a large monitor. Employees can easily leave the space to make a phone call or change position, sitting on a lounger or seated position.
Area: 153 Square Feet
Footprint: 8 x 19

Layout 2

This semi-enclosed layout is ideal for short group meetings, with the ability to observe what is going on around. The whiteboard and Media: Scape technology encourages active content and idea sharing. The adjustable height standing table supports various postures for meetings of 30 to 90 minutes.
Area: 251 Square Feet
Footprint: 11 x 23

Layout 3

This individual workspace, gives employees a variety of options when concentration is necessary. These enclosed structures can be placed close by team spaces. Also, this individual space is perfect for videoconferencing.
Area: 61 Square Feet
Footprint: 7 x 9

Featured Products:

Team Studio

Media: Scape TeamStudio

Mediascape Lounge

Media: Scape Lounge

Mediascape Mobile

Media: Scape Mobile

The integrated technology connects people seamlessly around the world. Watch this short video below to learn more about Media:Scape.

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