It’s Always Better In 3D

While space planning is a creative effort, we follow a structured design process to ensure all client needs and expectations are met while creating beautiful, functional layouts.


Tell Me About It

Created for a client who has a completely renovated, old factory located in Baltimore’s trendy Inner Harbor. We were asked to incorporate the company color of orange and they like the white and gray look of modern Steelcase furniture.

Problem and Creative Solution

We needed to increase the number of stations because they have grown. The client requested at least 28 seats – I was able to provide 31. The space is open to the Café Area and the client wanted to see how the space would flow together. The Steelcase Bivi Depot was added to the end of one workstation group to the provide separation and privacy of space while also giving the area a defined purpose by utilizing the open storage of the Bivi Depot.

Steelcase Bivi Rendering

These rendering showcases some of the beautiful graphics from designer Kelsey Klinedinst. We love the detail she put into this piece. Meet the rest of the team!

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