Cure for the Common Office Storage Furniture

Office storage furniture isn’t exactly known for its flair and panache. The file cabinetry is black, gray or dirty khaki in color. It’s often made of metal, scratched and scuffed at the corners. It’s large and bulky and forms a visual black hole in the room. The shelving is similar in color, also made of metal. Often scuffed and scratched. The fact is that this type of office storage is utterly uninspiring and uninspired.

Traditional, generic office furniture is very similar to the office storage furniture found in offices across America decades ago. The design is tired and boring, and in need of an update. This type of office furniture does not address the needs of businesses in today’s competitive market, where recruiting and retaining employees is a constant concern for many startup companies.

What’s the Problem with Traditional Office Storage Furniture?

Most office storage furniture does exactly what it needs to do—no more, and no less. It holds files. It organizes. End of story. While this may be adequate for some businesses, that leaves a lot to be desired.

For starters, the standard generic office furniture design is modeled on an older way of working and filing. This may have been effective 30 years ago, but in today’s world of Internet usage, constant email (an average of 190 work-related emails per day, according to Balance Magazine!), and smart phones that force employees to work even while at home and on vacation, today’s workers are doing more and working with more data. Yesterday’s office furniture was designed to function in an era when less work was being done and less information needed to be stored. It’s simply inadequate.

In addition, changing work practices have led to a need for office storage that serves several functions at once. Now more than ever, companies value collaborative innovation and team work. Open offices dominate the scene in many companies. Yet only 36 percent of office spaces support this type of work, according to a white paper released by Steelcase.

Inspired Office Storage Solutions

What’s the solution to this problem? Beautifully designed, thoughtful office storage solutions sold by reputable, good quality furniture companies.

  • Team-space and modular pieces maximize the use of space in an office. Furniture built to work together in tandem in a collaborative, open office will naturally make the most efficient use of space.
  • Cabinetry and shelving that fits between desks helps to define the personal space of employees while also providing useful storage. This dual-purpose office furniture actually does more than store office supplies; it also gives employees a sense of privacy in open office settings. This allows employees to work independently when necessary, leading to a boost in office performance.
  • Beautiful furniture makes offices more pleasant. Craftsmanship shouldn’t be secondary. Office furniture that improves the scenery for employees can improve morale and make the office a fun setting where people want to be.
  • Storage furniture pieces designed by quality furniture companies are easy to mix and match with other furniture pieces made by the same company. This makes the offices attractive for employees and visitors.
  • Storage furniture with smart, ergonomic design can contribute to the health and well being of employees. Furniture companies that care design furniture to suit the health of the user.

Every aspect of the office setting contributes to employee performance and the success of the business. Therefore, businesses that want to stand out must give thought to all aspects of their office design, including the storage solutions.


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