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At Hyperspace, we have what may be considered a radical view of office seating. We believe that your office chair should not just contribute to your productivity—for your employer’s benefit—but also to overall wellbeing for your OWN benefit.

Traditional ergonomics focus solely on the body. We are dedicated to providing a well-rounded approach to office seating – physically, cognitively, and socially. The most productive workers are engaged in all three ways. Moving often, taking control, and orienting your environment to your work will build a platform for success, day after day. After all, if you’re anything like the average American, you will be seated at work for nine years of your life. More consecutive hours are spent here than anywhere else.

In building the very best support system, Steelcase makes these chairs only after conducting thorough research and education. Instead of relying on design of the past, their research team reevaluates and tests every feature for real improvement. Read on to discover how our Gesture, Leap, and Think chairs are the most dynamic on the market.


Gestures Designed for Tech Device Users

 Gesture Chair by Steelcase

This office chair isn’t just built to occupy space in the cubicle. It was designed with the reality of the current technology and the unique postures that new technologies have introduced to the workplace. Notice how the arms adjust higher than the typical seat? Tablet and smartphone users will find this small change an incredible improvement in their posture. The Gesture also adapts to tech users by flexing with you, so that you can change your position throughout the day without being tied to just one. Gesture responds and supports you in whatever task you take on.

Gender and generational differences can affect whether we sit, lean, or recline as we complete our work. Technology has introduced even more complexity.

We don’t judge you for poor posture. We’re supportive! And, we’ve got the office chair that will support you—no matter your age, weight, or gender. The Gesture is that chair.

Take a look at the Gesture and identify your posture here.


Think: Personalize Your Office Seating

Think Chair by Steelcase

Having personal control over your setting is an important feature of a comfortable workplace. Everyone must make their own personal adjustments to make a space work for them. Small annoyances can cause silent stress—building up over the workday, the year, and over the course of your career. The Think chair is fully adjustable, allowing MORE personalized adjustments — because human bodies are diverse. We may be the same height, but your reach is shorter than mine, and the curve of my spine is lower than yours. That is why the Think chair is adjustable to your own proportions and to the work styles you prefer.

  • Individual flexors in the seat back conform to the movement of your spine, moving as fluidly as the human body does.
  • Changing the seat depth can reduce the pressure on your thighs. The Think chair should be adjusted so that the edge of the chair is 2-3 inches between the seat and the back of your knees.
  • Features a simple control dial to control the back recline and the level of back tension.
  • Sliding lumbar support aligns to the small of your back to support lower back muscles. Think adjusts properly to the curve of your spine, no matter your height.

Not only does the Think chair move dynamically with your body, but we also consider it revolutionary in a broader, environmental sense. 98% of the chair is made of recyclable materials, and our design makes that a breeze. When you decide that you’re ready for new office furniture, Steelcase has outlined the 5-minute method for responsible disposal of our products, making it easier for you to recycle old furniture properly than to throw it in the garbage. We’re just as conscientious of our furniture after the sale as we are before you buy it.


Leap in Productivity

Leap office chair by Steelcase

It may be hard to imagine an office boosting your office’s productivity just by giving your employees a new office chair. We balked at this, too … until we heard of a Steelcase study suggesting otherwise. Employees at very two different companies: an insurance call center and a public sector tax collection agency, participated in a study where over 450 subjects were given either training on ergonomics, or given the Steelcase Leap chair plus the same training session on ergonomics. Following good research practices, a control group was also watched and measured.

Surprise, surprise!

Both companies not only reported the best health reporting, but also showed real productivity gains when they received both the Leap chair and the training together. The trained group showed better results than the control group, but only after six hours of sitting. Those in the Leap group showed better scores immediately, and significantly fewer minor aches and pains by the end of the day.

The productivity results are even more convincing. Remember those public workers collecting taxes? You may shudder to hear this, but the Leap group collected 17.8% more than the control and trained groups. That 17.8 percent improvement averages out to $6,250 more per month for each employee studied. The private sector reported an 8.3% increase in the number of calls per hour and, more importantly, achieved greater quality of claims processed. They took more calls and improved the quality of all of them.

So, try it out yourself. Read the Leap chair productivity study and start planning now which Leap chair you can see yourself working in.


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