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Style and function of executive office furniture has changed a lot in the last several decades. The right furniture can send an important message about office culture and priorities. Furniture that wisely utilizes office space, contributes to the comfort and health of the employees, and fosters an environment of collaboration becomes an illustration of the ways that a company encourages productivity and thinks about broader issues. This can even contribute to the acquisition and retention of valuable employees. 

Executive Desks for Everyone

The central part of any office is the desk. Although it may seem like desks haven’t changed much in the last several decades, innovations are always underway. Here are a few ways that desks are changing to meet the needs of employees:

Keyboard trays. Keyboard trays can come attached to desks, but offices with budget concerns may choose to install keyboard trays to pre-existing desks. Keyboard trays are designed to enable comfortable typing positions while allowing typists to keep their arms in ergonomically neutral, comfortable positions.

Stand up desks. Stand up desks are a relatively new invention in office settings. These desks are rising in popularity mainly due to a large body of research that shows people who spend their day sitting are more likely to suffer from conditions like heart disease and cancer. Not all employers can afford to buy new stand up desks for their employees, but desk stands and monitor mounts can convert traditionally sit-down desks into standing desks without requiring the purchase of an entirely new piece of furniture.

Desks made from environmentally friendly materials. Everyone wants to be green nowadays. Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified products are designated environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Many office furniture companies seek C2C certification for their products. Steelcase is a leader among these companies, offering more products with C2C certification than any other company in any industry. Steelcase desks like the Walden and the Garland both feature these designations.

Shared desks. Shared desks are becoming increasingly popular with time. Not only are shared desks good for collaboration between employees, but they’re space savers as well.

Executive Chairs for Everyone

While the desk is often seen as the centerpiece of any office, in some ways, chairs are even more important. Chairs play a critical role in the musculoskeletal health of the employee. By supporting proper posture and ensuring maximum comfort, chairs protect the employee from back injuries and chronic pain. Features to look for in chairs include:

  • Adjustable armrests and seat height.
  • Tilting seat pan with contoured front.
  • Lumbar support.
  • Adjustable reclining angles.
  • Capability to swivel a full 360 degrees.
  • An ability to accommodate different body postures and gestures.

Other Office Furniture

The best pieces of office furniture are multifunctional. They improve the aesthetic quality of the office while increasing employee productivity and meeting many needs at one time.

Storage cabinets. Ideally, the storage cabinets will be conveniently located and easy to access from the desk. In shared office spaces, storage cabinets may serve dual purposes. Modular storage systems like the Share It storage cabinets can be formed to fit the needs of each individual office, for maximum space efficiency and employee convenience.

Guest chairs. These chairs are typically designed with an emphasis on the appearance of the chair and less for the ergonomic needs of the user. Still, comfort is a consideration if the guests are potential clients.

Lighting. Directional lights with an adjustable arm are helpful and important for employees who work late into the night.

Offices that meet the needs of their employees may see an increase in productivity as well as a boost in the overall office morale, and buying the right furniture is an important part of meeting those needs. Ultimately, companies can buy the right furnishings for their offices can actually improve their profits and reputation in the business world.

With guidance from Hyperspace, discover how you can upgrade the message your office furniture is sending about culture and performance.

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