Is it time for your classroom to get a revamp? A recent study has shown that color, lighting, sound, temperature, as well as other elements can affect a students learning. Give your students all the necessary tools including the proper classroom furniture and design so they can focus on learning and succeeding.

School Furniture for Collaborative Learning

Classroom Furniture

Many schools are working toward collaborative learning in the classroom. Incorporating cutting edge school and classroom furniture is a great way to do so. Simply use seating that allows students to work with others and desks that can be separated for tests.  Look for desks that offer room for tablets and notebooks. For classes with partner or group work, tables may work better than desks because your students will already be sitting in the same area, which could make it easier to divide students into pairs or groups.

Create A Theme

Classroom Theme

Some teachers are creating themes for their classroom and the elements inside of them. Teachers who create themes try to use colors associated with their theme inside of the classroom. For example, if you wanted to try out an ocean theme, you can make the paper of your bulletin board blue and use a brown banner to wrap around it. Try to stick with solid colors when designing your classroom – bold stripes and polka dots may distract students from their work.

Separate Your Classroom Into Sections

Separate Your Classroom

Dividing up your classroom gives students notions that certain areas are only to be used by certain times. Put materials students may need (tissues, an extra pencil, etc.) away from where you teach so students can quickly grab what they need, and sit back down. Place desks or tables in the center of the room so that when students are sitting down, they know it is time to pay attention.  

For items that students don’t use constantly, put them on the sides of the classrooms. Keep items used during recess and reading time away from the center of the classroom, so students are not tempted to look at them.

Bring Nature In

Bring Nature In

Add a couple of plants to your classroom setting to bring in some fresh air. Having a fresh plant in your classroom could boost morale and lower indoor air pollution.

If you have enough light in your classroom, try shutting off your overhead lights. This could make your classroom cooler on a hot day and avoid eyestrain.  

Don’t Go Crazy on Classroom Décor

Classroom Decor

A recent study shows that students test performance dropped seven percent in over decorated classrooms. Your classroom’s design and décor could make an impact your students’ performance. While there are many things performance wise that are out of your control, the look of your classroom is something that you can control.  This also gives you incentives to avoid educational stores unless you absolutely need something.

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