Imagine that, before you were assigned a seat at a new job, your employer asked you about your ideal work habits: where do you work best, whether you prefer a busy environment or a quiet one, and how much mobility you prefer to stay productive. Before you’ve entered the workplace, you’re already an inspired employee.

Buying office furniture in Baltimore is no longer about which colors coordinate or which desk chair is popular this year. Not that these questions don’t matter, but business owners in Maryland, and across the nation, are being asked to make more out of less in every department: fewer employees, fewer travel expenses, and fewer funds. Many have not considered utilizing one of their greatest assets: office space.

Space matters. Hyperspace is changing the way we work in the Mid-Atlantic, with intelligent consultants who not only design commercial interiors, but design them based on research. Research derived from real employees, in every industry: healthcare, legal, education, and probably yours!

Hyperspace is a top Steelcase office furniture dealer in Maryland, which recently expanded to open their newest office in Baltimore. With furniture by Hon, Steelcase, and Turnstone, they partner with only the most pioneering names in the industry. Steelcase, the largest global provider of office furniture spends time researching and going out into the field to study workers in their element in order to design furniture optimized for the people who will sit in their chairs each day and work at their desks. Until now, Baltimore has had limited access to such innovative office design.

Breaking into Baltimore

In 2013, Todd Ghattas brought Hyperspace to Baltimore and rebranded his father’s company from OSI to Hyperspace to emphasize the organization’s attention to the spaces in which we work. Founded in 1972 as Office Suppliers, Inc. by Asad Ghattas, the company initially sold small office supplies, but over time, Asad grew his business from a simple office supply company into the largest commercial furniture supplier in Western Maryland. Hyperspace continues that lively pattern of growth by hiring the most talented individuals in the industry.

Innovative Office Design

Hyperspace employees, all progressive thinkers, do more than simply pick out coordinating furniture for your business. Each is a problem-solver, taking your established work setting from merely practical, to intelligent. Each designer shares a passion for textiles, space planning, and the functionality of office furniture, and their company meetings aren’t just business. Instead, they’re filled with TEDTalks and workplace industry research, attempting to nail down the “why” details that don’t just make your space LOOK better, but allow it to perform better.

Collaboration. Productivity. Retention. Furniture and space planning has a very real effect on these elements of your work.

Baltimore Office Furniture Solutions

The Hyperspace team utilizes the Steelcase line of furniture to support their mission of solving the Big Five workplace issues: fostering collaboration, establishing brand and company culture, real estate compression, attracting and retaining talent, and promoting health and well-being at work.

With plainly stated core values that include: promoting positive relationships and keeping commitments, it’s evident that the Hyperspace team’s deep-seated values carry over into their work.

Working in an amazing office makes it easy to blend those company values with technology, architecture, and furniture for other Baltimore offices that do not necessarily have a clear vision for their space.

To see how Hyperspace can transform your Baltimore workspace with furniture and design, start by checking out the gallery of Steelcase office furniture.

Baltimore photograph courtesy of Munch10.

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