Lucky You!

Looking for a new green go-to decoration? Add plants to your desk workspace and liven up your design. Greenery is not only a budget-friendly option; research shows it can also help make employees happier and up to 15% more productive, according to The University of Queensland Australia.

Green Thumb Not Needed

If you are thinking about which plants to bring into your office consider these easy care additions that will leave your co-workers green with envy:

• Sansevieria or Snake Plant
• Peace Lily
• Golden Pothos
• Philodendron
• Succulents & Air Plants

Make A Green Statement

Create an uber sophisticated workspace with a delicate terrarium of succulents. These hearty little plants come in many shapes and sizes, always look classy and are generally easy to care for.

Grow Your Own Artwork

Potted plants are great but think about the impact vertical plant walls, or living walls, would have in your office. You can create a cubicle divider that’s actually a cascading wall of ferns. With instructions from you can DIY a custom living wall of botanicals.

What’s The ROI?

Bringing a beautiful plant into your office can add a breath of fresh air (literally). They can make a good impression on clients while providing a warm and productive environment for your employees, all without breaking the bank.

Learn More

For plant tips from a pro, Buzzfeed’s Natalie Brown has 19 more plant suggestions to cheer up that desk of yours. Speaking of fresh, we have desk ideas to brighten up the entire office; Benching System Style Guide.

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