Create a Relaxing Space: Breakroom Design Ideas

According to a recent ABC News article, Americans are working more than they ever have in the past. Today, it’s important to ensure your employees have a place to go to unwind, relax, and recharge. A well-designed and thought-out breakroom is a central component of any ideal workspace. Here are some ways to create a beautiful breakroom that’s relaxing and welcoming for all employees.

Best Breakroom Tip #1

Breakroom Area

Breakrooms are most often utilized for snacking and mealtimes, so it is imperative to have a table and chairs or counter space and barstools where employees can take a seat and enjoy their meal. Choose from a single large table near the center of the room, or if space is limited, you can opt for several smaller tables to place along the walls.

Best Breakroom Tip #2

Breakroom with Green Chairs and Tables

While most people can certainly arrive to work with a lunchbox packed with ice packs and ready-to-eat goodies, it is always nice to have the proper appliances in place to aid in their mealtime creativity. A refrigerator and microwave are must-haves, while a stove, vending machines and other kitchen gadgets are added bonuses. Coffee pots (and free coffee) are now commonplace, so be sure to stock up on coffee, creamer and filters!

Best Breakroom Tip #3

Steelcase Mediascape

The best breakrooms take it beyond food and drink to provide employees with comfortable spaces to kick up their heels and relax a bit. If space is available, consider adding a separate sitting area where employees can catch up on some reading, watch the news or simply converse with coworkers. Lounge seating can be modern and comfortable without breaking the bank, so check out your local office furniture dealers for lounge seating options your employees will love.

Best Breakroom Tip #4

Accent Walls with Tables and Chairs

The final tip is, perhaps, the most important one of all. While all spaces in your office should have the same general look and feel, your breakroom can venture a bit off course – and it should! Your employees are going to the breakroom because they need a break, and no matter how beautiful the space, the last thing they want to feel is trapped in the same exact environment they are in during the remainder of the day. Choose cheery and soothing colors for your breakroom, add plants and specialty lighting, pick furniture that is comfortable and visually pleasing, and add extra special design touches they won’t find elsewhere in the office to ensure they always want to enjoy their break in your breakroom.

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