What You Need to Know Before Your Office Furniture Installation

So, you’ve chosen your new office furniture and it’s due to arrive any day. What now? Well, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare for your office furniture installation. Taking certain steps prior to delivery day will ensure your office furniture installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Step 1: Disassemble and Remove Old Furniture

Office Furniture Installation

If you’ve already made arrangements with your new office furniture installers to remove your old furniture, you can skip this step and proceed to step two. However, if you are responsible for the removal of your old office furniture, you’ll want to start disassembling it and removing it from your space as soon as you are able to do so. Oftentimes, this must be done just prior to the arrival of the new furniture, or else you’ll have no place to work in the meantime, but nonetheless, it must be done. Be sure to have a few tools on hand, such as a hammer, screwdriver and dolly, to make the process easier for you.

Step 2: Clear Out the Space

Clear out space

Next, you’ll want to be sure you clear out the remainder of your space, so your office furniture installers have plenty of room to work. Take out any necessary decor, other furniture, equipment, phones, electrical cords and supplies to ensure there is a clear route to the area your new furniture will be placed.

Step 3: Clean Up

Cleaning up a space

Once you have removed all of the miscellaneous items from your space, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and give your office a deep clean. Vacuum or mop your floors, wipe down the walls, clean your windows and mirrors, and wipe down your other surfaces. It is always a good idea to give your office a clean sweep just before bringing your new furniture into the space, and a thorough clean will allow your new office to shine once your new items are placed in your office.

Step 4: Add Your Finishing Touches

Reception Area

If you are hanging a new picture or adding a new area rug, it is best to place these items before your office furniture installers arrive. Desks may block your ability to hang the items and rugs may overlap where you desk lays. By completing these last-minute items beforehand, you can ensure that they will simply have to bring in the furniture without you scurrying around them completing things that could have already been completed.

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