Finding hardworking and dedicated employees can be difficult. Companies lose around $11 billion annually due to employee turnover, according to a recent study by Bloomberg.  Some companies may wonder what their employees are looking for out of their workplace. Below are some of the most common traits employees look for in a current or future employer.

A Comfortable Work Environment

Comfortable Work Environment

In order for employees to thrive, they must be happy in the office. This comes down to their physical and mental environment. Most employees would like an office with ergonomic office furniture and appropriate lighting. When designing your office space, ensure that you are catering to your most outgoing employees, along with those who are looking for some privacy.

Mentally, a happy employee could lead to a productive employee. Encourage your employees to live healthy lives by encouraging physical activity and healthy eating within the office. Instead of having a jar full of candy, offer a variety of nuts and other nutritious snacks. Motivate your employees at the end of each week with weekly standups, where employees can give credit for help they received from co-workers each week.

Always Be Sure to Communicate

Always Communicate

Communication is key in the workplace, no matter what position you hold. A recent study says that 86 percent of employees and executives blame a lack of communication for workplace failures. Your employees should feel like they can talk to you about anything work-related, good or bad and vice versa. As a manger or any other higher position, you must be able to not only give your honest opinion but also constructive criticism.

Apps like Skype or Slack are a great way to communicate with your employees, even when you do not have time to meet with them because of travel arrangements or meetings. These apps allow you to stay in touch with the office, even when you are not around, and could drastically lower the amount of e-mails you receive everyday.

Give Positive Feedback and Various Types of Compensations

Positive Feedback

Positive comments can make a difference in employee satisfaction. Give your employees positive feedback when they go above and beyond their assigned tasks. When you need to give criticism, try to cushion it with two things that employee did well. This will allow your employee to focus on what he or she can improve on.  Meet with your employees one-on-one every quarter to go over things that they like about their job, and find out if they are stuck on any projects.

Rewarding your employees is another way to retain your best employees. Even if you can’t afford a generous raise in salary, boost your team’s morale after a long project with a team dinner, or an extra personal day. Even a gift card to your employees’ favorite coffee shop will show that you appreciate their hard work.

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