The educational environment is everything.

For your students to meet their full potential, all conditions have to be supporting your students rather than distracting them. While you know the tools they need for the future, we know the spaces they’ll thrive in today.

Many administrators don’t realize the need for a palette of places: from independent areas to the need for active learning. In fact, the prescription for the classroom setting has recently been flipped upside down. Humans have never gone to a sterile, flat environment to learn or understand something new. Why have we been putting students in settings like this for decades?

Find out what dynamic experiences you can add to your classroom while maintaining a seamless, productive educational experience. Hyperspace experts can add shielded spaces for acoustical privacy during test-taking or high-focus tasks, recommend supportive seating with a range of postures, and introduce adaptable layouts for the wide variety of learning styles.

Shake things up!

Engage your students with adaptive furniture that is sturdy, functional, and can be reconstructed into a variety of setups: for group work, partner projects, or lecture seating so that your students can focus on each new task at hand. We can help you find the best furniture for your classrooms from brands like HON, Steelcase, and others.

Hyperspace has helped educational institutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region optimize their learning environment. We’ve prepared each of these higher-level and administrative spaces to become productivity powerhouses, and look forward to discovering the same results for yours.

  • Blue Ridge CTC
  • Hagerstown Community College
  • Hood College
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Kaplan University
  • Mercerburg Academy
  • Penn State
  • Shepherd University
  • Shippensburg University
  • St. James School
  • Washington County Public Schools

Find your team of workspace designers at our Hagerstown or Baltimore office furniture showrooms. We’ll introduce you to the classroom concepts that you should be incorporating into your schools.


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