Introducing Node with ShareSurface

We believe that trust between a doctor and a patient is critical in healthcare settings to create a positive experience and healthy outcome. Our research and marketing teams spent countless hours studying how doctors and patients interact in exam rooms, focusing on the negative impact technology and traditional applications were having on the ability to build trust due to limited mutual participation.

Our human-centered Health strategy is focused overall on creating an empathetic experience for the patient, provider and partner through intentional design. In this particular case, our development team focused specifically on designing an experience that encourages collaboration between the physician and the patient. We made technology an asset, and developed a solution where the doctor and patient are able to share, teach and learn together. Node with ShareSurface was designed for:

Passive ergonomics to enhance wellbeing
• Quick ingress and egress
• Flexible back and supportive lumbar
• Non-handed collaborative surface
• Patented dual-pivot collaborative surface
• Mutual participation with 360-degree swivel surface
• Eye-to-eye contact and shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration
• Technology moves with clinician throughout the room

Maximized small footprint
• Technology and seating integration into a single object
• Small chair footprint and worksurface to optimize small exam spaces
• Durable seat and surface construction
• Superior cleanliness
• Easily cleanable surfaces, including base, seat and surface

Hyperspace has partnerships with some of the nation’s most advanced healthcare facilities. As reforms change the measure of success, we remain fully dedicated to understanding the needs of your evolving industry. When you’re ready to adapt your strategy for results, contact our healthcare furniture and design teams to see how we can position you in the lead.

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