Storage Solutions for Open SpacesOffice storage is a huge issue among businesses across the United States. Effective office storage can contribute to the success of a business, make a work environment a more positive place, and contribute to the health and happiness of employees. Office storage quite literally helps set the tone for the entire working staff. How does office storage have such an impact, and how can your business benefit from good quality office storage?

Fostering Collaboration

Open office layouts are, and have been for many years, the preference of companies that hope to promote an environment of collaboration and team work. Open office layouts are effective for a variety of reasons: they bring team members together, allow team members to mingle and encourage team members to innovate.

The downside of this community-building layout? In order to work effectively, employees also need privacy. That’s why office storage serves a dual function in an open layout. Storage cabinets, bookshelves and simple tables divide open offices and give employees a sense of personal space. With the right modular storage solutions, your team can share space and have privacy, collaborate in groups and work independently, all in the same open area.

In addition, open offices typically require storage solutions that fit under bench-style desks, which may offer no drawers or other storage. Bench-style desks are built this way for a reason: the design offers ultimate flexibility, so that companies can choose how many employees sit at a desk, and in what configuration. Low, moveable cabinets and shelving are the best way for businesses with bench-style desks to offer their employees adequate office storage.

Promoting Employee Health

Proper office storage puts books and documents where employees need them, within easy reach of the desk or chair where the employee is working. Office storage that puts items high up or in deep cabinetry can make it difficult for employees to reach important items, leading to problems with the back and joints. Mid-sized, easy to reach cabinets allow employees to keep all their necessary office items, papers, files and personal items in a convenient location that doesn’t require the employee to strain his or her back in the process of retrieving whatever it is that he or she needs.

Yet proper ergonomically safe office storage must take this a step farther. All aspects of interaction with the office storage must be positive for the employee. Ease of use is as important as ease of accessibility. Well-designed office storage must have drawers that pull out easily on their tracks and doors that open and shut cleanly and without hassle. Storage pieces that fit under desks will fit perfectly, and will not protrude or become a hazard for employees.

Making Smart Use of Office Real Estate

Good office storage solutions make small spaces seem bigger and big spaces more functional. Businesses that need to find ways to fit more employees into a small space must maximize their use of office storage in order to give their employees adequate storage for their files and belongings, while utilizing storage that takes up as little space as possible. Buying modular pieces designed to fit with other pieces of furniture in the room allows businesses to maximize space. Modular pieces that are all bought from the same furniture collection will often maximize space naturally because these specific pieces were meant to be used together.

Companies hoping to maximize their office storage solutions, for the benefit of their team as well as the benefit of their office environment, can do so easily by purchasing modular pieces from a consistent collection with a quality office furniture company. Like all other pieces of office furniture, office storage is a true investment that pays off over time. Contact Hyperspace today for help maximizing your space.


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