You’d be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t consider growth to be a number one priority, so why do most business owners fail to take this very important factor into account when deciding on their office space and furnishings? When you are furnishing your office space or finalizing an office layout, be sure to consider your company’s growth potential.

There are 3 main factors to take into account when laying out your office space: your property, office furniture and layout. Let’s take a deeper look at these three important aspects to ensure your office layout is built to grow as quickly as you do.


If you are looking at moving your office space, choose a building with open floor plans. The more open space your office has to utilize, making it easier to meet the needs of your growing company.

If you have no plans to move anytime soon, take a look around your current office space. Chances are you will be able to find plenty of work space that isn’t being utilized as well as it could be.

If you have furniture and product crammed in every square foot of your current space, don’t worry. Our team can help you come up with some ideas.  

Office Furniture

Whether your space is big or small, you want to be able to utilize your space in the best way possible. Try to choose furniture that is slim and does not take up too much space. This will open up the space and allow you to visualize new options.

Also, be sure you are choosing pieces that are quick and easy to rearrange. You will want pieces you can reconfigure as your business grows and more employees come on board. Modular pieces and workstations are great options as they can usually be quickly repositioned to accommodate more employees or simply create a more efficient workflow. These work especially well in those extra tight spaces!


Last but not least, it’s time to discuss the overall layout of your space. Here are a few tips to get you started on the right path:

  • 1) Maximize traffic patterns without sacrificing work space. We’d all love to furnish each room to the brim with desk after desk to make the most of our space, but we need to consider daily workflows and walkways. You’ll want to remain consistent and efficient as your business grows.
  • 2) Consider adding more team work spaces. If certain team members are always working together on projects, there are no benefits in having them spread out across all corners of the office. Instead, rethink how you see the traditional workspace and create modular team layouts that keep team members close and productive. It’s important to encourage office collaboration by having team members who work close one another also close to each other’s workstations.
  • 3) Don’t forget your cords! There are plenty of cord management options available for you to choose from, but just be sure to make this a part of your plan as you are finalizing your layout. You don’t want your growing business to end up looking unprofessional, and with all your new team members, there will be too many computer cords to keep track of!

Let the Work Begin!

Now that you have the basics, you can begin to really visualize your new space. Choose which furniture pieces you need to add, update or remove. Shop for items that match your brand and company image, but still adhere to the tips we’ve outlined above. If you continue to keep these points in mind, you will have an office layout that is truly built to adapt to the changing needs of your growing business.

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