A beautiful breakroom adds great value to any company or organization. Happy employees are the key to success, and what better way to retain your best employees then with a breakroom that is comfortable, functional, attractive and inviting!

Let’s face it. We all need a break every now and again. By creating a beautiful breakroom that employees feel comfortable engaging in, you can start to add countless benefits to your business as a whole.

So what makes a beautiful breakroom? We have pin-pointed three key design categories and outlined them below:

Comfort is Key

If you want to encourage open communication for your employees, ensuring they have a space they are truly comfortable in should be priority one.

Breakrooms should be designed with the each employee’s needs in mind. Each employee uses their break time for different purposes. Some may like to relax by reading or spending personal time online. Others might socialize with co-workers and step away from their desk.

While eating and drinking is still the main purpose of breaks for many employees, it is important to have a breakroom that is designed with enough space to accommodate a wide-range of employees.

Function can be Fun

Encourage the use of the breakroom by keeping it fully stocked with an array of fun and flavorful items. The aroma of fresh, free coffee brewing will draw employees in and boost morale, while refrigerators and microwaves offer employees healthier eating alternatives to brown bagging a sandwich or ordering out. Newspapers, magazines, books, and games are perfect items to add to the breakroom since they can appeal to a large percentage of employees.

By placing items of interest in the breakroom, you will encourage your employees to gather, communicate, and collaborate; and the various teams within your company will become more productive, timely, and efficient.

Make it Attractive and Inviting

Design the area as a real “break” from the rest of the office decor. Choose a different color scheme for the walls and furniture. Add unique items, such as plants or aquariums, to bring some visual beauty to the mix.  

The better the space looks, the more likely your employees are to stick around for a while and engage with their peers. You probably make your lobby reflect your business, so why not do the same for your breakroom?

Successful businesses begin with cohesive teams, and by creating a breakroom your employees enjoy relaxing in, you are taking the first step to ensuring a productive, team-focused workforce for months, years and decades to come.

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