Feng Shui can help boost your employees’ mood and can inspire creativity with yourself, your guests or students. Simply arranging your office layout a certain way can significantly improve the mood of others. While many think of Feng Shui at a traditional office, there are other places where Feng Shui can also be utilized.  

Feng Shui Can Make Meetings More Productive

We’ve all been to a meeting that drags on and has no point. Keep your walls clean with little d├ęcor. Pat Heydlauff, Feng Shui expert, says that the East wall should have a picture or a plant, while your west wall should hold your projector and screen.  The person who is in charge of the meeting should always sit either opposite or diagonal to the door, to show power. It’s also a good idea to have a round table or an oval table as a table with sharp edges can produce negative energy.  A table like the one below is ideal for your conference room because the energy in the room makes it clear who is in charge, and is inviting.

Conference Table

Use of “The Command Position” In Law Offices

While “the command position” is one of the most talked about concepts in Feng Shui, it is the most important in law offices. To get the best energy, your workspace should be situated far from the door and against a solid wall. While many people believe that their seat should be directly in line with their door, it should not be.  You should also never have your back to a window, as light is a positive energy.

Source: expertvillage

Positive Energy for Bright Futures

There are five elements that are integral for positive energy in a classroom: water, wood, metal, earth and fire. Adding a small bowl with a gold fish or an aquarium to your classroom can allow serenity in your classroom, and can be a great way to teach students about responsibility for pets. A bamboo plant is a simple plan to maintain, and will bring a bit of the outdoors into your room. Fluorescent lights are not great for students, so try placing activity or reading areas near natural light, so you can save energy and only use overhead lights on gloomy days. If you are stuck inside of a classroom without windows, try adding a nature poster or paint your walls yellow to foster creativity.


Inviting Waiting Rooms for Patients

Make your office inviting outside by adding a welcome mat. Painting your office yellow can create a cozy, cheerful feeling inside of your doctors office. Mirrors can allow your waiting room to appear larger, and can bounce light into more spots of your waiting room and offices. You can also show your accomplishments (awards your practice has received, your M.D., etc.) in your waiting room. Also, consider the furniture arrangement within your exam rooms to have your patient be near loved ones.

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