How we work is evolving. Where we work should, too.

Create a prime destination in the workplace, outside. Well-designed, weather-friendly furnishings can inspire creativity and innovation.

What do you need to create stimulating work environments?

  • Furnish the outdoors to meet a wide range of work styles. Decide if you want to create relaxed social spaces with lounge areas, large tables for collaborative work and meetings or individual spaces for quiet, focused work.
  • Canopies and Umbrellas can reduce glare on screens and provide shade and comfort.
  • Large custom planters define space while incorporating greenery.
  • Lighting can complement space aesthetics and allows for fluid transition of work from indoors to outdoors.
  • Power for mobile devices can spark interaction between individuals and co-workers.

The future of work is all about employee experience.

Promote well-being by connecting with people in natural light and fresh air throughout the work day. Build culture by providing a variety of work settings that enhance brand identity influenced by nature.

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