As we have seen a new era of healthcare interior design trends ushered in, we of course see HON on the forefront of melding functionality and physicality. HON’s Soothe Recliner is not only one of the most patient/practitioner friendly; it has also been designed to fit in among a fresh healthcare facility design.


Soothe was designed from the ground up to fulfill all the needs of a patient as well as those of the caregiver. Countless hours were spent thoroughly researching every detail and feature of the recliner to optimize the caregiver’s ability to perform tasks and to allow patients to feel secure.

Key Features of HON Soothe Recliner

Pivot Arms
Easily move both arms up or down during exams, transfers, or any movement to keep your caregiver as well as patient comfortable and safe.

Infinite Recline
Footrest and recliner work together to seamlessly allow for a limitless amount of different variations of recline of back, head, and legs.

Locking Casters
Perfector locking the recliner in place during treatment.

Optional Extra Features

Foley Hook
Hold medical bags or tubes to your chair and out of the way.

Foot Platform
Keep patient’s feet elevated and out of harm when transporting.

Intravenous (IV) Pole Mount
Save valuable floor space as well as protecting your patient with less transfers.

Push Handle
Protect caretakers well-being with the push handle feature that could help to reduce unwanted back strain.

Moisture Barrier
Easier cleaning as well as a layer to protect the inner material, the moisture barrier is designed to eliminate extra work for staff.

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