The open office has become an incredibly popular design in recent years, and for good reason. It allows individuals to interact with each other in a fun, collaborative way – a far cry from the stuffy offices of yesteryear. However, there are times when employees need a break from the noise and the distractions that such an environment results in. Companies are realizing the value in quiet spaces – places where both introverts and extroverts can go to get work done and to unwind.

Options for Quiet Spaces in the Workplace
There are several ways that businesses are creating quiet spaces, depending on the space and the resources available. There is always a creative way for businesses to quiet things down.

Small enclosed rooms
When a single person needs to shut out the noise of the outside world, there is nothing better than a small enclosed room designed for that purpose. Materials and designs are available that can help an employee cut off almost all noise and visual distractions, simply by closing the door. Sound insulation combined with warm internal designs can make an oasis out of even a small room.

If you work in an open office layout, the IRYS pod by Steelcase can create a private space for individuals or small groups of up to three people to work in.

Spaces created with furniture
Not every company has the budget or the space to create individual rooms dedicated to quiet. These businesses work with what they have, utilizing furniture to create the feeling of isolation. With comfortable seating, paneling and good lighting design, it is possible to create spaces for the individual that appear apart from the larger world outside.

Dedicated spaces for groups
Some offices want to have rooms designed for letting go, rooms that can accommodate more than a single person at a time. They may be called mediation rooms, yoga rooms, or simply quiet rooms – but they all share the goal of being a space outside of the hustle and bustle of business. These rooms can be made to shut out noise, and can be designed to limit outside visual interference as well.

Custom Designs
With the right design team, it is possible to create customized rooms and spaces that are designed around a central goal. The materials and products available today give businesses complete creative freedom to design the ultimate escape. Whether that means extreme low lighting and noise cancellation, or green rooms with living plants and water features, businesses are free to create exactly the spaces they need for all of their staff.

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