Open office layouts are becoming more popular because they are modern, make workspaces feel larger and encourage employee engagement. One of our favorite furniture pieces is the Steelcase C:Scape. As a Steelcase Premier Partner, we’re proud to spotlight some of the ways this piece can work in your open office layout.

Integrated Technology

Steelcase C Scape in Open Office Layout

With options like a desk connect zone and flexible power receptacle, C:Scape provides employees with the perfect place to plug in and charge up. The connect zone makes it easy to power up mobile devices, while keeping them out of the way, and it even offers cable management, as well. The flexible power receptacle simplifies desk configurations by allowing you to plug in your computers, screens and other powered equipment where you want them.

Increased Collaboration

C:Scape Collaboration

By keeping screens and other dividers lower, the open layout that results with C:Scape Steelcase office furniture leaves employees able to freely converse and collaborate with other team members. By removing the barriers often associated with other modular systems, employees can easily access tools, technology and each other. Additionally, C:Scape can also be integrated with additional privacy panels to ensure that an ideal balance between independent work and team collaboration is achieved.

Added Storage

Steelcase Storage

C:Scape furniture is also the open office furniture Baltimore businesses choose most to maximize space and storage. From bench desks and additional office storage space, there are plenty of places to store marketing collateral, files, office supplies and more.

Quick and Easy Installation/Reconfiguration

Steelcase C:Scape with Green Chairs

Office furniture installation and reconfiguration is easy with C:Scape. Whether you are setting up your workspace for the very first time or reconfiguring the space to accommodate a growing workforce, C:Scape can meet and exceed your needs. With several ways to combine or reconfigure the line, there is sure to be a configuration that will suit your business’ unique style preferences.

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