Unique Office Furniture for Open Office Layouts

Sometimes, it can be tough to find privacy in an open office floorplan. According to business.com, 70 percent of American workers currently find themselves in offices with open layouts. Fortunately, Steelcase has introduced the IRYS Pod to offer much needed privacy in open office layouts. This piece is a collaborative effort between Steelcase, Clestra Hauserman and HOK Product Design.

We got to see the IRYS pod at NeoCon 2017 and were impressed with its ability to seamlessly fit into any room with appropriate measurements. Learn more about the IRYS pod and how it can work in your workspace.

Dimensions & Other Options

Irys Pod with Desks and Seating
The IRYS pod is available in Oak Murano (pictured above) and Siberian Burch. Below are the dimensions of the IRYS pod:

Width: 8’, 5.75”
Length: 8’, 5.75”
Height: 8’, 1.25”
Top Width: 11’, 9.75”

The IRYS is also incredibly easy to install and be shipped. It ships within two weeks of ordering and can be installed in one day.

What Sets the IRYS Pod Apart

Steelcase IRYS in Open Office Floorplan
The IRYS Pod from Steelcase can be used for either individual or small group work. It offers a unique place for one to three coworkers to accept phone calls or avoid getting distracted from conversations going on in surrounding areas. This can allow you to add enclosed spaces as needed, without redesigning your office space. The IRYS offers plenty of outlets to power up your devices, air ventilation, and lighting to ensure your work environment is comfortable. Each wall on the side can be customized to add wall art, a whiteboard, or even a video screen.

Interested in installing the IRYS pod within your open office space?

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