How Open Office Floorplans Are Being Redefined

Many companies around the country have redesigned their offices to provide a new kind of workspace. These new offices forgo the traditional idea of cubicles in favor of comfortable open office spaces with a variety of smaller, individual spaces. These new open office spaces were made to modernize offices and help increase overall productivity. See how these new office designs are going to change the industry this year.

Adapting Towards Change in How we Communicate

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Think about the changes the internet has gone over the past five years. Cloud computing has become more relevant, Slack came about as a way to communicate between co-workers, and many employers are now giving their employees laptops instead of desktops to give them freedom to move about spaces, and also keep all of their notes in one place. Newer open office trends need to be able to adapt to any future changes that might be made.

Providing Flexibility for Employees

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When open office layouts first came about, it was tough for employees to a find a space where they could fully concentrate and not get distracted. New office designs give employees flexibility, and allow them to work in spaces that suit specific tasks. For example, some tasks require absolute concentration, and it would be hard to complete this task in an open area where conversation is flowing. Designs for new office spaces will now usually include isolated areas that allow employees to work on isolated tasks without any distractions.

Promoting Collaboration

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With these more open office spaces, companies hope employees will be more inclined to collaborate with one another. In the past, companies tried to utilize purely open spaces to try to get employees to work together. It turned out that having too much open space overwhelmed some workers, and made them afraid to communicate with others. The new office designs incorporate private spaces, and feature team spaces designed to fit smaller groups of people. Allowing employees to work in smaller groups makes it easier for them to collaborate on projects.

Some companies may think that having an open office floorplan will cause employees to be unproductive. However, these newer office designs promote collaboration between employees, and give them the chance to have privacy when necessary. These designs have helped many companies adapt in a world dominated by technology.

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