Your employees are craving collaboration. They need it. Did you know that 86 percent of employees blame ineffective communication or lack of collaboration for workplace failures, according to a survey done by Fierce, Inc.?  Another study reports that 90 percent of employees feel more confidence when working in a collaborative workspace.  

If you’ve been looking for easy ways to increase productivity and efficiency, boost employee morale, and encourage office collaboration, simply employ the two office collaboration strategies we’ve outlined below. Your team will be talking more – and smiling more – in no time.

Step 1: Designate Team-Focused Work Spaces

Team Focused Work Space

For everyday collaboration among team members, try to change the way you see the standard employee desk. Imagine your employees in team-focused workspaces, sharing their environment and ideas.

Choose office furniture in modern styles with simple modularity, and you’ll be able to create infinite layouts that optimize the unique ways your teams work and collaborate.

Turnstone Bivi

We like the Turnstone Bivi modular line (pictured above) because it grows as you do. With Bivi bench desks, seating and accessories, your office space is flexible to adapt as your company expands and your needs change.

Take a look at this video to see how many ways Turnstone’s Bivi can be reconfigured.

Step 2: Create Collaboration Zones


Inspire the spontaneous exchange of ideas with strategically placed collaboration zones throughout your office. Look around your workspace and select areas that could be maximized for collaboration.

Focus on the areas that employees already congregate around. Are those areas furnished? If so, is the furniture optimizing the space and encouraging employees to stay and exchange ideas?

Outfit your space with attractive office décor that invites your team to gather. Seek adaptive pieces that promote collaboration and can be rearranged when necessary.


The Campfire line from Turnstone features innovative designs and modern comfort and allows for endless configurations ranging from group collaboration zones to high-focus spaces. Your team will love kicking up their feet on the sleek footrests, and they will rave about the Campfire additions that allow you to power up virtually anywhere.

How we work has a big impact on our success. Give your company a leg up by incorporating proven collaboration strategies and let your employees have the space to work in the most efficient and productive way possible – in a team.

This short video shows additions available for Campfire to help you power up and get comfortable.

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