Have you thought about the impact of sitting all day at work? A recent study shows that sitting at a desk for multiple hours could increase your risk of events associated with cardiovascular disease. Steelcase’s Walkstation provides a workstation that combines the ergonomics and wellness power of a height adjustable desk, with the technology of a treadmill.

Promote Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness
Giving your employees the option to participate in physical activity without compromising productivity is an important advantage of this walkstation. Improve employee health and wellness while actually increasing productivity; furthermore, employees will experience less muscle discomfort and will be energized to complete their workday activities.

More Productive Workdays

More Productive Workdays

When Steelcase first launched Walkstation; they wanted to make sure that an active workstation would lead to increased productivity. Their study showed that Walkstation led to increased metabolic activity, increased typing accuracy, and increased typing speed. 27 percent of employees also reported feeling healthier after switching to Walkstation.  

Adaptable and Flexible

Adaptable and Flexible

Steelcase’s Walkstation can be adjusted to fit your workplace’s ergonomics. Each workstation includes an adjustable keyboard stand to match your height. Your keyboard should be at elbow level with your wrist. More ergonomic tips on Walkstation can be found here.   

Ensure that there is enough room around Walkstation so that people can approach the workstation from the front. If you are not in the mood to walk while you work, Walkstation can be turned into a standing or sitting workstation.

Other Features

  • Display console shows speed, calories burned, time and distance
  • 2.0 mph speed, can be increased in increments of .1 mph
  • Durable Motor
  • Quiet mode for office
  • Urethane high profile edge provides grip for balance and serves as built in palm-rest

Walking Work Button

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