Are you stuck in a drab, dull office? Adding some wall art can make a drastic change to your office’s appearance. There are a number of ways to make your environment inspiring.

Motivational Quotes
These are great for educational settings and can help inspire your students. Whether you are looking for a quote from Ernest Hemingway or Albert Einstein, you can find a cool design for pretty much any quote you would like on your classrooms wall. For the most popular quotes, you have a variety of options including posters, canvas and rub on wall art.


Maps can have multiple uses in your office. One of the most useful maps you can get is one with time zones on it, so that way you are easily able to calculate what time it is in Rome compared to the current time in Baltimore. A vintage decorative map that is framed on an old brick wall can add a rustic feel to your office and give it some character.

Show Off Your Hard Work
Showing your diploma or awards on your walls can boost your credibility, and give others something to look at while waiting to meet with you. While hanging your law school degree or Doctorate degree in an office is a common practice, you can also frame any awards you receive from a local organization or school district.


Wall Murals
If you are lucky enough to have a large wall, you may want to consider installing a mural. The good thing about murals is that you can decide whether you want to have it painted by a local artist or install a tile mural to make your office brighter. Murals can also add a bit of a local touch to your office, if you decide to hang a mural of a local artifact and include decorations that are significant to your office’s home base. A mural like the one below can also provide information about a product that you might want to have in your showroom.


Decorative Shelves
Yes, the shelving that you decide to use to store CD’s or other supplies can be creative. For example, you can take an empty picture frame and put it on top of a bookcase to create unique geometric patterns against your wall. If you have a colorful wall, adding a simple white shelf can offer a great contrast between the wall and the rest of your space, showcasing the items that you have along your shelves.


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