Tips & Tricks for a Smooth Office Relocation

If your company or organization is relocating to a new workspace this year, you’ve probably already started to think about your upcoming move. How will you transport your office furniture? Will anything need to be stored temporarily? Will my current furniture fit my new office layout and design? Do you need to take any special precautions to protect your assets? It’s important to begin considering what to keep in mind when storing office furniture during relocation and how you will safely transport your items well ahead of the scheduled move date to ensure a smooth transition. Luckily, Hyperspace LLC makes it easy for businesses with our full-service office furniture inventory management solutions, as well as our design and installation services.

Take Stock

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First, you must have a complete inventory of current office furniture including desks, chairs, tables, lamps, electronics, file cabinets, appliances and more. This step is, perhaps, one of the most important as it will allow you to effectively plan your new space and determine what, if any, items may be needed to fully outfit the new office for optimal productivity.

Manage Inventory

Inventory Management
Next, it is important to have an inventory management system in place. How many desks will be transported at a time or in which truck? How will you ensure the correct desks make it to the appropriate offices on arrival? By considering office furniture inventory management options now you can ensure items don’t get lost in the transfer and help your business transition to the new space quickly and easily. There are many sophisticated technological options to keep track of your company’s furniture assets, such as barcode systems, RFID systems and more.

Determine Storage Needs

Will all of your items be moved in a single day or will you need somewhere to store pieces throughout the transition? Take these factors into account now, and if needed, seek out a reputable storage facility or work with a full-service office furniture partner who can assist you with your storage needs while facilitating your entire move.

Protect Valuable Pieces

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To keep your items safe during transport and storage, it is important to protect your valuable items, and to protect executive desks and conference tables from scratches and dents, ensure leather chairs remain uncut and more, you must take the time to wrap each item and work with a company who will respect your items and handle your pieces delicately. Better still, work with experienced office furniture specialists who can help manage your inventory throughout your entire move.

Unlike most office furniture inventory management companies, Hyperspace LLC provides businesses with a turnkey solution by providing a full range of office moving services including design, project management, installation and inventory management. By partnering with our team of experienced and innovative designers, architects and support personnel, you can take the guesswork out of your upcoming relocation.

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