How to Choose the Best Office Chair

A good desk chair is a must-have item for any office. After all, you will often be in that chair for many hours a day. Why you need a good chair is threefold. A good chair can help alleviate or eliminate stress, strain and joint tension. It can help you be more focused and productive. And, it can help you prevent back, neck and other muscle pain. Ergonomic chairs are now available and can be the perfect solution to your office chair needs. However, ergonomic chairs have begun to saturate the market, so how do you determine which chairs meet and exceed their claims to choose the perfect chair for you?

We’ve chosen three top ergonomic chairs to help make your decision easier, and while each option will address any and all of your desk chair needs, we’ve placed them according to their best features.

Avoid Stress, Strain and Joint Tension

HON Ignition Chair

If your wrists are aching from typing too frequently, it may just be the result of a poorly fitting chair. The Ignition chair from HON is built to fit any body type and support every type of work style or office activity. It has three adjustable back heights, two seat sizes and four arm styles to provide the ultimate back and arm support for nearly any body. Both affordable and customizable, you can choose the style and settings of your Ignition chair to create the optimal chair for your body type and greatly alleviate wrist, hip and related joint tension, stress and strain. HON office chairs are a popular option for customers looking for a high-end and comfortable chair.

Increase Focus, Efficiency and Productivity

Steelcase Gesture

The first chair specifically designed to support our constant technological interaction, Gesture works with the natural flow of the body’s movements and gestures increase productivity and focus, while never sacrificing comfort or quality. Gesture enables users to maintain healthy posture while interacting with a broad range of devices. A 360 degree arm supports users in nearly any position, helping users to maintain proper posture while typing on a keyboard, texting on a smart phone or reviewing documents on a tablet.

Prevent Muscle Injury

Steelcase Amia Chair

It is important that any ergonomic chair you choose has wheels or rollers. This will enable you to quickly and easily move about your desk and workspace without twisting your back and possibly straining your muscles. Lumbar support is also a needed feature. The Steelcase Amia chair is one of our favorites because it was designed with a LiveLumbar™ mechanism for optimal back support, as well as rollers to make moving about your workspace a breeze.

Unlike most standard ergonomic chairs that feature a lumbar cushion, LiveLumbar is built into the design of the chair and moves with your back to enable consistent and total support. Amia is designed to help your body withstand long hours of sitting and is fully adjustable, so if you’ve been looking for an ergonomic office chair that will help protect your muscles as you go about your busy day, Amia is the ideal chair for you.

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