Today we honor Mom! Mother’s Day has us asking our team to share “Words of Wisdom” from Mom. Here are a few of our favorite quotes and inspirational sayings, to let Mom know, yeah, we were listening. 

Mom Advice: Quotes We Love

"Always follow the Golden Rule…do unto others what you want done to you."
Susan Witmer, Accountant
Mom's best piece of advice "When you play stupid games you win stupid prizes"
Mike Katunick, New Business Development
When I was little and afraid of the dark my mom always said “There are no monsters here, they all live in Chicago”
Katie Whittington, Controller
From my Mom: "Be independent - don't depend on a man!", and from my Grandmother: "It will all come out in the wash."
Kim McClure, Account Manager
My Mother always said "Posture – sit up straight don’t slouch." Ergonomics.
Mark Moser, Lead Project Manager
“Cookies: Everyone loves cookies.” She takes them to the bank, the liquor store, the humane society, the engine shop, the parts vendors, EVERYONE. She is a stranger to no one due to her cookie habit.
Kristin Sanders, Account Manager
When I was little my mom would remind us that we always wanted to be wearing clean underwear, “because you never know what your day is going to bring and heaven forbid you end up in the hospital with dirty undies”.
Allison Taylor, Lead Designer
“You are what you make yourself to be, don’t settle for anything less” and “ You have 3 choices in life: Give Up, Give In or Give it all you’ve got”
Kami Carbaugh, Account Coordinator
“You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar”
Ashley Holden, Marketing
“I love you more.” Simple as that.
Zach Knoll, Order Fulfillment Team

Thanks for everything Mom!

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