An organized workspace encourages productivity, fosters a positive outlook, and even improves an employee’s attitude toward their job. Desk drawers can be great organizational tools but they can also be veritable black holes that do little more than collect junk. Desks without drawers can give a space a clean, crisp feel and when done right, provide a clutter free work area.

Open Office Space
Open office space work areas tend to have tables and desk drawers are often sacrificed as companies work to make the most of limited space. In these cases, desk drawers are few and far between. Employees must make the most of the space they have and find creative ways to keep their work areas free from clutter. This is very common with an open office space situations like benching.

Filing cabinets
A filing cabinet that slides under the desk is a great way to keep papers and files organized. Papers, memos, and mail can be kept in bins or baskets on top of the desk. When the baskets become too full, it is time to file. Using different styles and sizes of baskets and trays allow the employee to add a personal touch to their workspace. This is a great option for offices that use benching in their workspaces.

Desk organization
Trays, cups, or small containers can be used to hold tacks, paperclips, tape, pens, and other small items. Many office supply stores carry these desktop organizers and employees usually have several styles and colors from which to choose. It is important, though, to ensure that the desk does not become overrun with these organizational items. Less is more.

A small, three shelf bookcase can be used as one of the supporting sides of a desk. In lieu of drawers, small containers can be used for many items and then stacked neatly on the shelves. This is also a great place to store paper, printer cartridges, and other items.
The less stuff on, in, or around a desk, the less clutter. The less stuff you have, the easier it is to organize it.

When setting up a workspace, it is best to assess the area taking into account what work will be performed and how the space will be used. Visit Hyperspace to browse your best options for a clutter-free work environment.

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