Truly progressive employers are beginning to “think outside the cube”. And their timing couldn’t be better.

The next generation of workers places high value on flexibility and balance, but make up for that flexibility with career engagement because work is still an important piece of their identity. Appeal to these dueling needs if you want to reap productivity in the office.

In contrast to Baby Boomer employees who often remained with a company for the length of their careers, Millennials have a reputation for job-hopping.

This has become a trend for a number of reasons.

Millennials tend to move when: they want a promotion or increased responsibilities, their work and personal lives conflict, or when their work is not appreciated. Recruit top talent and retain them by creating an innovative workspace — one that is balanced for work and for life.

Apple is incorporating these features into their second corporate campus. Sketches of the planned interior were released recently. Notice how communal spaces and healthy employee amenities dominate their corporate workplace design.

How can you do the same for your Maryland office?

Allow choice in the way people work. Give them spaces to focus and spaces to collaborate. Encourage movement through the workplace to accomplish different tasks. Offer a variety of settings: informal seating, communal standing desks, and adaptable, open space floor plans that are conducive to collaboration.

Informality and communication are the hallmark of the Millennial working style. Young employees are accustomed to mobility and are able to work on the go. Build office-wide tech-connectivity into every room or nook to allow office-wide communications with clients and impromptu virtual meetings.

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